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Our Services – SAFABIZ Investments

Our Services

Dubai Business Setup

Our full suite of business services will help your business get started on the right foot. Safabiz’s business licensing service will help you with the legal aspects of company formation in Dubai, ensuring that, whether you need a trading license, professional license, industrial license or tourism license, everything will be in order and ready when your business is ready to be launched.

We also offer P.R.O. Services, which includes license amendments, renewal and cancellation. When you need to make annual changes, such as adding a business partner when your company grows, our P.R.O. Services will be there to help. We offer Administrative Assistance, covering everything from helping you conduct market research to helping you open any necessary bank accounts.

Our business services include, in addition, virtual office services, document clearing (one of our three simple steps to starting a business in Dubai), visa processing, information technology services and support and even finding local sponsorship to get the word about your business out into the market.

When it comes time to set up your business, we here at Safabiz are ready to provide you with a package customized to your needs, along with the highest quality customer service based on Safabiz, which means purity, clarity, serenity, lucidity, fineness and fairness.

Our Business setup services covers everything you need

Local Sponsorship

We will help you secure local sponsorship for your business here in Dubai.

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IT Services

Our Information Technology Services will provide your business with service and support during the set up phase of your starting a business in Dubai.

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Visa Processing

Along with your business documents, visas are crucial and when obtained ahead of time, can make passage into and out of Dubai a simple and painless experience.

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Document Clearing

We will make certain that all your documentation is cleared and approved before you begin to conduct business, preventing delays and confusion when your business is ready to launch.

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Virtual Office

We offer customized virtual office packages based on the needs of your business, so that you can manage your business practices in Dubai without having to physically be here.

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Administrative Assistance

Our Administrative Assistance and business auxiliary services will conduct market research and a feasibility study before providing you with a business plan.

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P.R.O Services

With our P.R.O. Services, you can rest assured that we will guide you legally and simply through starting a business in Dubai, regardless of whether your company is a sole establishment, LLC or other legal structure.

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Business Licensing

Our business services will help you with any special licenses, including a real estate license or HR or Labor Supply License, as needed for your company formation in Dubai.

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